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From Left: Mason John Carlin, representing Neola is Lonnie Ring, Mason Roger Hemmingsen, representing Minden Arlyn Danker, Mason Bob Green, Mason Don Bowerman, representing Underwood Teresa Goodsell, Bronze Sculptor Russell Christensen, Mason Larry Poffenbarger, representing Underwood Beth Kennedy.
Veterans Monuments receive generosity times three from the Masonic Temple In Council Bluffs.
Friday was a day of excitement for Bluff City Lodge #71. Members of the lodge were busy handing out checks to committee members from the Veteran's Monuments to be installed in Minden, Neola, and Underwood. Checks amounting to $750 per town. All men present to hand out checks agreed it was an easy decision to donate. They are all veterans themselves. Having the education with the monuments was also a determining factor. The lodge gave to the Council Bluffs Veterans Memorial and felt it only right to give to these. Having masons from all three towns just made the decision even easier. Don Bowerman, Junior Warden and Post commander for Treynor's Lefion stated how excited he was that Treynor's Veteran's monument was slated for going up in 2008. Bob Green, Worshipful Master, says, "I was lucky enough to come home. Others weren't. I feel you can never do enough or say enough for the tributes many have made for our freedom and our way of life. He then adds, my Grandson graduated from West Point last May and will probably be shipped out in October or November." Arlyn Danker, Chairman from the Minden committee, then starts to talk. "My Grandson was stationed north of Baghdad and is in the medical division of the airforce. He just go back in January. Another committee member's daughter, Kelly Kay will soon be shipped out." Then it's Teresa Goodsell, committee member from Underwood who's voice you hear. "My son Dustin is in the Council Bluffs unit 168th of the army national guard. When his unit and others from Underwood were getting home from overseas their families and friends decided to throw them a party. After the party was over there was money left over. The money was then donated to the High School Optimist Club of Underwood (Junior Optimist Octagon International). The club wanted to build a Veteran's monument and that's how our dream began." Teresa then thanked all of the members for their great contribution.  Lonnie Ring, Veteran and chairman for the Neola committee shakes the hands of fellow Veterans and says a huge "Thank You" for making a big difference in a huge project.
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