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July Newsroom
Arlyn Danker, Monument Chairman, from Minden, Iowa, hands Joan Siebels, City Clerk, the $25,000 check from the Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors.
Neola and Minden have received their pledged checks of $25,000 from the County Board of Supervisors in their support of the Veterans' Eagles of Honor project. The project is a large scale project that will last 5 years with the end result being a different Veterans monument going up in each town in Pottawattamie County in Iowa.  The County Board of Supervisors is both innovative and progressive.  They can see the power of such a project and the message that it will send to our children and all those that visit our great County. Russell Christensen says, "The project is designed to honor and to educate. When you honor something you take care of it. When you are educated about something, you can learn to appreciate it. When you appreciate it, you learn to love it. When you love it, you begin to live. That's what our service people fought for; for us to live a good and honorable life and fill it with love.  Love for our Country and love for each other."
Denise Kay, stands in front of the 'Wall of Honor' and is the winner of the painting "In God We Trust"; just one of the fund raising events for the Neola's Veterans Monument. Everyone thanks all of those that participated by buying tickets. The raffle raised over $500

The Neola's Veterans project is well under way with the bricks of the Wall of Honor all in and the bricks of the Wall of Courage getting placed daily. Hackett Construction of Oakland is doing the brick work. Johnson Signs has ordered the military seals. The flag pole has been ordered from Ed's Flag Pole and annual flowers have been donated by Sherbondy Home & Garden for the dedication ceremony scheduled for Hoo Doo Days on Monday morning at 10:00. People are working daily on everything form construction, fundraising, promotions and praying.  For anyone wishing to help there are many ways of doing this.  Spread the word. Donations are still needed for Neola, as well as Minden and Underwood. Flowers will need to be planted. A can kennel needs filling (many times). Last but not least, a celebration needs people to come to show their support and when you see a Veteran don't forget to thank them. Just put your hand out and say "Thank You" with a smile and I'm sure they'll know what you mean.
Artist Russell Christensen of Neola, Iowa, puts the finishing touches on the monument clay, "Stars of Honor", before it goes to its mold stage.

"Stars of Honor" will sit in the Minden town square when it is completed. Look for ground work to begin soon. The projected date of unveiling is Veterans Day this November. In speaking with Jerry Michaels, committee member, the question was asked about how he felt about the project. Jerry's reply, "I am very proud to be on this committee and I am very proud of the people of Minden. I see great courage and perseverance in the faces of the people that come into our store and when I pass them on the streets. Now I get to see them show their greatness in a way that as a town, we have never been able to do before. The people of Minden have pulled together to do something awesome and show the rest of the state their courage and their thankfulness to be free. This time we get to be one of the leaders in something great, and it feels really good. I am proud to live in Minden, Iowa and be with people that care about the good things in life, each other."
Walnut Communications hands a check of $250 to Beth Kennedy towards the Underwood Veterans Monument, "Liberty By Honor".

The proposed monument will be place on the north side of UMBA Hall in Underwood, Iowa with the tentative date of installation on Veterans Day of 2007. Walnut Communications has been a great help in assuring that this project gets the welcome support that it needs to accomplish such a thankful task. It has donated $250 to each town of Underwood, Neola, and Minden. They have pledged another $250 to the same three towns in the year 2008 for flowers or needed extras. Walnut Communications also had a beautiful float in red, white, and blue at the Underwood parade that carried Veterans from all three towns and committee members.  They have also offered volunteers, if available, for any event that will be a fund raiser for the Veterans monuments. They have definitely put their salute on this project and all three committees have been very thankful for their caring support.
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