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Welcome To August News
Arlyn Danker monument chairman, from Minden, Iowa hands Joan Siebels, city clerk, the $25,000 check from the Pottawattamie County Board Of Supervisors.
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Members of the Neola Lions Club recently gathered at Neola's Centennial Park to spruce up the log cabin and the area, preparing for the upcoming Hoo Doo Days and dedication of the new Veterans' Monument that is currently being built in the park.  The log cabin was restained and the stain was donated by Romano True Value Hardware in Council Bluffs, Iowa at 1851 Madison Ave.  Owner, Paul Romano says, " I am very proud to help out in this really neat project."

"Thank You" to both the Lions Club and Romano's for their continued support and their dedication to making the lives of those that live in this area better.
          A Hero is someone that doesn't need asked...
                 they just know when they are needed. 

Look into this picture and you will see some of those hero's.
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"In The Beginning"
Heros are people that change lives for the good by having faith in others.  Today the Hero is...The Pottawattamie County Board Of Supervisors. They heard the dreams and saw the possibilities. They had faith in the people in their towns and could see the vision come true. They believed. Due to their action of support each town in Pottawattamie County will get to show their courage, their leadership, their patriotism, their faith in each other and work together to show their "Thankfulness" to our Veterans of yesterday, today, and tomorrow to the world.
Thank You...County Board Of Supervisors
From the People of Pottawattamie County
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